Welcome!  Count the Cost Couponing applauds you for beginning this journey.  This blogspot is intended for beginner couponers/savers/freebie seekers AND extreme couponers who need a reference site to refer back to occasionally.

This site is not updated daily.  We are not a freebie site.  We merely offer you advice on where to look online for savings.  And, saving is what couponers are all about…right?

For those beginning their savings journey, I recommend working through this site like you would a lesson plan.  Completing each “lesson” will begin to save you money.  I have 11 lessons for you to complete.  When you reach the bottom of this screen, click on the "Older Posts" to finish the lessons.  Signing up with these companies will have your mailbox overflowing with freebies in no time!!

Each of these sites have been tested by myself, and a host of other couponers.  There are no junk sites or scams listed here.  You can trust that each of these sites is legitimate!
Lesson #1:  Email ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Lots of online coupons and free offers require an email address, Facebook, and/or a Twitter account.  Before working any further, create an email, Facebook, and Twitter account that you will ONLY use for free offers.  My “couponing” email and Facebook account receives hundreds of offers each day – some legitimate and some aren’t.  You will need to use discretion when opening some of these offers.  Companies that flood your inbox with offers or Facebook posts - usually aren't very trustworthy. 

There are several FREE sites that offer email.  Create an account with one of these trusted sites:
www.yahoo.com (offers the largest FREE storage space)

Facebook accounts are also FREE.

Twitter accounts are also FREE.

Remember to write down your username and password when creating these accounts!  (Hint:  I use the same username and password for all my couponing!)
Lesson #2:  Learning to Coupon ~ Southern Savers

Couponing has saved my family thousands of dollars!  But, learning to coupon is a learned process.  There are several ways to acquire coupons, the easiest being buying the Sunday paper and printing coupons online.  But the next question is always what to do after you’ve collected those coupons!  I could write pages and pages on how to set up your notebook, and when to look for sales…but Jenny at www.southernsavers.com can teach you better than I ever could!!  She has a video series that is a must watch for anyone looking to save some money.  Visit her website and watch her video series HERE.

After watching her video series, you’ll want to visit her site weekly.  She matches up coupons with EVERY grocery store, drug store, dollar store and major retailer in the United States.  For example, if you have a Publix, Dollar Tree, CVS, Dollar General and Target in your town; each week you’ll want to “click” on their link and see what is on sale!  She even highlights each major sale item or freebie with an acorn!  You click on what interest you, print a shopping list and head to the store.  EASY!  I NEVER grocery shop without a list from Southern Savers
Lesson #3:  Freebies

I loves freebies!  Most companies that offer online freebies will NOT ship to a Post Office box.  You will need a home mailbox to qualify for a lot of these offers.

My mailbox is overflowing each day ~ thanks to Colin at www.hip2save.com !  This lady updates her freebie site hundreds of times a day.  If there is a new free offer, printable coupon, online sale code, or clearance sale at any major retailer ~ this lady will let you know!  I try to check her site a couple of times a day…every day!

There are many other free sites.  A lot of online sites are scams; they only want your information to sell to other companies.  Be careful what type of information you give out.  There are a few other freebie sites that I check regularly:

www.heyitsfree.com (this guy is hilarious…his jokes are worth reading this site!)
Lesson #4:  Online Shopping

We all shop online.  Did you realize that are several companies that offer you cash back to shop through their site?  Retailers pay premiums to every online site that advertises their company name.  When you click on a site through Google or Yahoo mail, these companies receive a percentage of your online order.  There are several companies that offer YOU a percentage of their profits, if… you’ll use their website.

My personal favorite is EBATES .  This site offers you a FREE $10.00 gift card (after a $25.00 purchase is made) for signing up.  Then four times a year, you’ll receive a check in the mail for all your shopping you did online.  My first check was for $1.82.  Last Christmas, I received a $35 rebate check.

Another site that I use is SHOP AT HOME.  Sometimes this site offers higher percentages that Ebates.  The downside to this site is that you have to save up $20.00 before a refund check will be issued.

GROUPON is a website which offers online deals on entertainment, shopping, etc.  Most of these offers only last a day or two, so buying quickly is essential (These offers sell out quickly)!  I have bought several mini-vacations for less than $5 through Groupon.
Lesson #5:  Online Sites

Many companies offer free stuff throughout the year, just for being a member of their company site.  This lesson will take longer to complete than any other lesson.  There are several sites that you should register for.  Remember to use the same email and password for these accounts so you won’t forget!

Sign up for ALL of these rewards programs.  These companies offer FREE codes all year long!  (ex.  I don't have children in diapers, BUT I have a Pampers account ~ where I can exchange my points for FREE shutterfly prints!)
Lesson #6:  Get Free Stuff…For Your Opinion

These sites are awesome!  Did you know that there are lots of companies willing to send you their stuff for free…and all they require is your honest feedback about what you thought of their products?  These companies will send you free products in exchange for completing a survey after you’ve tried the item!!  Failure to complete the survey, will result in being disqualified for future programs.

 SMILEY 360 This site has sent me so many wonderful “missions” to complete.  I completed missions for Pam cooking spray, Hunts tomatoes, Pyrex casserole dishes, Advil, Campbell’s Soup, Vaseline, and many others.  Smiley360 will send you FREE full size products to try, and all you have to do is complete an online survey and let them know what you thought!  My personal favorite!

CROWDTAP I have never received any missions from this site, but my sister certainly has!!  She has received several:  including Grill Mates and Old Navy.  She has received FREE beach towels, flip flops, sunglasses, tote bags, sweaters, shorts, and dresses from Old Navy.  After receiving her free items, she completes a report on the item. 

(One upside to this site is the points you accumulate for taking the surveys offered.  I exchange my points for Amazon ecards.)

VOCALPOINT offers high dollar coupons and samples.  In exchange for these coupons and samples, they want you to come back to their site and rate the products.  Past coupons/samples have included Tresseme, Pantene, Charmin, Tide, and Bounty.

SWAGBUCKS offers thousands of surveys!  You could spend hours in this site!  They offer points for every survey you take.  Points can be cashed in for merchandise, cash or gift cards.  They have some awesome rewards, if you have spare time!

RECYCLEBANK offers points for reading their information on recycling and taking a short quiz.  I've accumlated thousands of points on this site in very little time.  I've exchanged my points for high-dollar coupons (printable and mailed), magazine subscriptions, and even Amazon ecards.
Lesson #7:  Review Products for Companies

This lesson consists of two of my favorite online sites!  These sites will send you FREE products for you and your friends/family to review.  After reviewing the products, you must submit an online survey.  The products are yours to keep!  This lesson is similar to Lesson #6 but on a much larger scale.  These products are often worth hundreds of dollars and sharing them is required.

HOUSE PARTY  This company offers certain products to a pre-selected demographic.  You will be offered a survey to complete.  After completing and submitting the survey, you will be considered for the trial.  You will be notified via email whether you were selected or not.  You are required to share the products with at least ten friends/family members.  The products range from Pull-Ups, Hasbro Games, Fisher Price Toys, Redbook, L'Oreal Paris cosmetics, Secret, etc..  My sisters and I have won all of the above parties!!

GREEN MOMS MEET This site offers earth friendly, “green” products for you and your friends to try.  I have received candy, shopping bags, and even FREE coupon products  to try.  A survey is required after trying these products.
Lesson #8:  Earn Cash for Grocery Shopping

SAVINGSTAR  is a different coupon site.  You add all your shopping cards to this site.  Then each month, you “load” coupons onto your shopping cards.  Each coupon is worth a pre-selected amount.  After adding up $5.00 in coupon savings, you can elect to have the money deposited into your bank account OR buy a gift card (i.e. Amazon) with your savings.

UPROMISE  is also a coupon site, but…is a college savings account.  You add all your shopping cards to this site.  Then each month, you “load” coupons onto your shopping cards.  Each coupon is worth a pre-selected amount.  The money earned is deposited into a college savings account for your children.
IBOTTA Cash back for grocery shopping.

**Note...you can subscribe to both of these accounts.  The coupons are usually the same.  When you buy one of the items, money is deposited into both accounts!! **
Lesson #9:  Mail-In-Rebates

Sometimes companies want you to purchase the item first, and then they will reimburse you the purchase price.  Often, the companies with reimburse you the full purchase price just for trying the item.  Remember to save the receipt!  

Lesson #10:  Photo & Greeting Card Sites

I NEVER pay to have photos processed!  Over the years I’ve collected an assortment of enlargements, mouse pads, mugs, photo books, bookmarks, wall art, and even  personalized  stationery…All for FREE!  These sites offer promotional codes (in your email) which can be redeemed for FREE stuff.  Make an account, and then watch your email for codes.

Each year, I collect hundreds of FREE greeting cards and/or holiday cards.  When holidays begin approaching, most of these greeting card companies will offer you several FREE cards to try their company.  Watch your email account for these special codes.





VISTAPRINT  One of my favorite sites!!  This site offers codes for FREE business cards, photo cards, banners, magnets, stationery, etc.  Watch your email and Colin at hip2save for updates!!