Welcome!  Count the Cost Couponing applauds you for beginning this journey.  This blogspot is intended for beginner couponers/savers/freebie seekers AND extreme couponers who need a reference site to refer back to occasionally.

This site is not updated daily.  We are not a freebie site.  We merely offer you advice on where to look online for savings.  And, saving is what couponers are all about…right?

For those beginning their savings journey, I recommend working through this site like you would a lesson plan.  Completing each “lesson” will begin to save you money.  I have 11 lessons for you to complete.  When you reach the bottom of this screen, click on the "Older Posts" to finish the lessons.  Signing up with these companies will have your mailbox overflowing with freebies in no time!!

Each of these sites have been tested by myself, and a host of other couponers.  There are no junk sites or scams listed here.  You can trust that each of these sites is legitimate!

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