Lesson #1:  Email ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Lots of online coupons and free offers require an email address, Facebook, and/or a Twitter account.  Before working any further, create an email, Facebook, and Twitter account that you will ONLY use for free offers.  My “couponing” email and Facebook account receives hundreds of offers each day – some legitimate and some aren’t.  You will need to use discretion when opening some of these offers.  Companies that flood your inbox with offers or Facebook posts - usually aren't very trustworthy. 

There are several FREE sites that offer email.  Create an account with one of these trusted sites:
www.yahoo.com (offers the largest FREE storage space)

Facebook accounts are also FREE.

Twitter accounts are also FREE.

Remember to write down your username and password when creating these accounts!  (Hint:  I use the same username and password for all my couponing!)

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