Lesson #2:  Learning to Coupon ~ Southern Savers

Couponing has saved my family thousands of dollars!  But, learning to coupon is a learned process.  There are several ways to acquire coupons, the easiest being buying the Sunday paper and printing coupons online.  But the next question is always what to do after you’ve collected those coupons!  I could write pages and pages on how to set up your notebook, and when to look for sales…but Jenny at www.southernsavers.com can teach you better than I ever could!!  She has a video series that is a must watch for anyone looking to save some money.  Visit her website and watch her video series HERE.

After watching her video series, you’ll want to visit her site weekly.  She matches up coupons with EVERY grocery store, drug store, dollar store and major retailer in the United States.  For example, if you have a Publix, Dollar Tree, CVS, Dollar General and Target in your town; each week you’ll want to “click” on their link and see what is on sale!  She even highlights each major sale item or freebie with an acorn!  You click on what interest you, print a shopping list and head to the store.  EASY!  I NEVER grocery shop without a list from Southern Savers

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