Lesson #6:  Get Free Stuff…For Your Opinion

These sites are awesome!  Did you know that there are lots of companies willing to send you their stuff for free…and all they require is your honest feedback about what you thought of their products?  These companies will send you free products in exchange for completing a survey after you’ve tried the item!!  Failure to complete the survey, will result in being disqualified for future programs.

 SMILEY 360 This site has sent me so many wonderful “missions” to complete.  I completed missions for Pam cooking spray, Hunts tomatoes, Pyrex casserole dishes, Advil, Campbell’s Soup, Vaseline, and many others.  Smiley360 will send you FREE full size products to try, and all you have to do is complete an online survey and let them know what you thought!  My personal favorite!

CROWDTAP I have never received any missions from this site, but my sister certainly has!!  She has received several:  including Grill Mates and Old Navy.  She has received FREE beach towels, flip flops, sunglasses, tote bags, sweaters, shorts, and dresses from Old Navy.  After receiving her free items, she completes a report on the item. 

(One upside to this site is the points you accumulate for taking the surveys offered.  I exchange my points for Amazon ecards.)

VOCALPOINT offers high dollar coupons and samples.  In exchange for these coupons and samples, they want you to come back to their site and rate the products.  Past coupons/samples have included Tresseme, Pantene, Charmin, Tide, and Bounty.

SWAGBUCKS offers thousands of surveys!  You could spend hours in this site!  They offer points for every survey you take.  Points can be cashed in for merchandise, cash or gift cards.  They have some awesome rewards, if you have spare time!

RECYCLEBANK offers points for reading their information on recycling and taking a short quiz.  I've accumlated thousands of points on this site in very little time.  I've exchanged my points for high-dollar coupons (printable and mailed), magazine subscriptions, and even Amazon ecards.

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