Lesson #7:  Review Products for Companies

This lesson consists of two of my favorite online sites!  These sites will send you FREE products for you and your friends/family to review.  After reviewing the products, you must submit an online survey.  The products are yours to keep!  This lesson is similar to Lesson #6 but on a much larger scale.  These products are often worth hundreds of dollars and sharing them is required.

HOUSE PARTY  This company offers certain products to a pre-selected demographic.  You will be offered a survey to complete.  After completing and submitting the survey, you will be considered for the trial.  You will be notified via email whether you were selected or not.  You are required to share the products with at least ten friends/family members.  The products range from Pull-Ups, Hasbro Games, Fisher Price Toys, Redbook, L'Oreal Paris cosmetics, Secret, etc..  My sisters and I have won all of the above parties!!

GREEN MOMS MEET This site offers earth friendly, “green” products for you and your friends to try.  I have received candy, shopping bags, and even FREE coupon products  to try.  A survey is required after trying these products.

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