Lesson #4:  Online Shopping

We all shop online.  Did you realize that are several companies that offer you cash back to shop through their site?  Retailers pay premiums to every online site that advertises their company name.  When you click on a site through Google or Yahoo mail, these companies receive a percentage of your online order.  There are several companies that offer YOU a percentage of their profits, if… you’ll use their website.

My personal favorite is EBATES .  This site offers you a FREE $10.00 gift card (after a $25.00 purchase is made) for signing up.  Then four times a year, you’ll receive a check in the mail for all your shopping you did online.  My first check was for $1.82.  Last Christmas, I received a $35 rebate check.

Another site that I use is SHOP AT HOME.  Sometimes this site offers higher percentages that Ebates.  The downside to this site is that you have to save up $20.00 before a refund check will be issued.

GROUPON is a website which offers online deals on entertainment, shopping, etc.  Most of these offers only last a day or two, so buying quickly is essential (These offers sell out quickly)!  I have bought several mini-vacations for less than $5 through Groupon.

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